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Concert Festival stage dubai


AES has a full range of staging systems available. From small intimate gatherings to large rock concerts, we have you covered.

Grandstand seats Dubai


AES can provide a variety of seating manifests and solutions, including VIP grandstand seats.

VIP boxes concert Dubai

VIP Structures

Offering an exclusive area for VIPs or  ticket holders, AES has multiple products and designs that provide the wow factor!

Temporary Scaffold Structures Dubai

AES Structures

From supplying a single archway to constructing a full temporary structure overlay, inc. towers, stairs, ramps, deck, etc.

Fencing and Barriers Dubai

Fencing & Barriers

AES has over 20kms of fencing products  that can be installed safely & swiftly by our experienced team

Water Strucutres, Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Water Structures

We have an experienced and specialist dive team to build in water, producing unique and beautiful floating structures.

UFC Temporary Venue Roof structure Duabi, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia

Roof Systems

AES can provide roof systems that offer protection from the weather, ensuring events go ahead come rain, wind or sun.

Bespoke, Unique Music Stage Duabi, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia

Bespoke Structures

 Sometimes an event requires structures that are not off the shelf. We specialise in bespoke designs & builds.

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