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At All Events Services AES, we present an extensive range of stages designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring that every event receives the perfect stage setup. From small gatherings to large-scale productions, we offer reliable and customisable staging solutions for all types of events.


Modular beamed roof - 74m x 32m 

The AES BFR stage is one of the largest music stages built in the Middle East. 

Designed and engineered for the KISS Goodbye 2020 NYE concert, the BFR stage is a hybrid product constructed using a Layher scaffold system and a heavy-duty aluminum beam roof system. It provides an unrivalled stage roof for wide clear spans and heavy rigging capacity.  

Due to the modular systems used, the BFR stage is exceptionally versatile and can be reconfigured to offer a range of widths, heights, and heavy rigging capabilities.

Performance area - 42m x 20m

Roof Clear span -42m

Roof Clearance - Up to 25m 

Roof capacity - 70,000 kgs

Split Stage.jpg


Festival stage with roof - 47.5m x 18.5m 

Introducing the AES 4-Leg Classic, an adaptable roof engineered to cater to all types of outdoor staging requirements. This stage has an impressive track record spanning 15 years in the Middle East, making it the go-to choice for the world's most renowned artists.

Over the years, the AES 4-Leg Classic has proved its mettle by accommodating a wide array of performances, including iconic events headlined by artists like Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Elton John, Pink, Rod Stewart, Jay Z, Calvin Harris, Guns & Roses, The Who, and many more.


Our AES 4-Leg Classic stage stands as a robust, weatherproof, and tour-ready solution, meticulously designed to provide unmatched versatility in its setups. With a generous performance area extending up to 25 meters, it offers ample space to accommodate even the largest touring acts in the industry.

Performance area - 24.5m x 18.5m + extensions

Floor height - From 0.9m

Clearance - Up to 13.1m 

Roof capacity - Up to 32,000 kgs


Festival stage with roof - 47m x 21.5m 

AES offers the Mega Roof Stage, the most impressive stage system in our lineup, standing out as an extraordinary marvel in the market. This colossal tower stage boasts a distinctive arched roof that showcases the pinnacle of engineering excellence.

The Mega Roof Stage makes a grand statement and proves to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective systems ever crafted for large-scale venue applications. Its versatility and adaptability make it a popular choice for accommodating the biggest and most demanding global productions.

The Mega Roof Stage stands tall as an unparallelled masterpiece, setting new industry standards for stage size, roof capacity, and installation flexibility. Renowned among A-List artists, including the likes of Iron Maiden, its arched design adds an enchanting touch to any touring performance.​

Performance area - 26.9m x 21.5m + extensions

Floor height - From 1.5m

Clearance - Up to 18.6.1m 

Roof capacity - Up to 60,000 kgs (equally distributed) 

Stage Pic.jpg


Festival stage with roof - 41m x 18m 

In December 2019, AES introduced the AES Club Stage, a scaffold ground support roof designed for the acclaimed performance of Kyle Minogue at the Emirates Rugby 7s. This stage is a unique scaffold-based truss ladder beam system meticulously engineered to provide a festival-style staging solution.


One of the standout advantages of the AES Club Stage is its scaffold system base, which eliminates the need for heavy plant machinery during assembly. This innovative design means no crane is required for installation, making it an ideal choice for smaller venues with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 8,000. Particularly in challenging terrains where access to plant and cranes is restricted.

Performance area - 20m x 10.5m 

Floor height - From 1.5m

Clearance - Up to 12.4m 

Roof capacity - Up to 15,000 kgs


Festival stage with roof - 24m x 11m 


The AES TVG-4 presents a dynamic stage system perfectly suited for concerts, festivals, and events catering to audiences of up to 5,000 guests. For larger gatherings of up to 10,000 attendees, a spacious variation of the TVG-4 is available.

The TVG-4 comes in various sizes, offering lengths from 11 to 15 meters and depths ranging from 9 to 11 meters. With an impressive clear height of up to 9 meters and a robust roof load capacity of up to 8.5 tons, this stage ensures a secure and striking setup for any event.

Tailored to accommodate diverse event needs, the TVG-4 can be customised with individual stage elements and additions, including prebuilt stages, branded headers, stage sets for orchestra or choir, and back storage facilities. As with all AES stages, the TVG-4 is meticulously checked for rain and storm safety, adhering to the highest safety standards and complying with all current regulations. 

Performance area - Up to 24m x 11m + extensions

Floor height - From 1.5m

Clearance - Up to 9m 

Roof capacity - Up to 8,500 kgs



In May 2022, All Events Services proudly unveiled its latest innovation to the industry - the extraordinary Prism Stage. This custom stage roof showcases cutting-edge engineering, featuring modular aluminum beams renowned for their unmatched strength and compatibility with tube and fittings and/or modular system scaffolds.

The Prism stage boasts a distinctive pyramid shape, and its modular design offers exceptional versatility, enabling multiple height and depth configurations to suit diverse event needs. For a raw and captivating truss appearance, the roof can be left uncovered or elegantly draped with stretched fabric/vinyl to provide weather protection, ensuring a seamless and secure stage experience regardless of the elements. The Prism stage introduces a new dimension of creativity and functionality to stage design, promising an unforgettable spectacle for performers and audiences alike.


Covered performance area - 10m (w) x 6m (d)

Floor height - From 1.5m

Clearance - 12m @ apex

Roof capacity - 2T per arch beam (equally distributed) 


DJ Bandroof - 6m depth x (unlimited width) 

The AES DJ Bandroof presents a sophisticated and inventive answer to various event needs. This sleek and compact roof structure is meticulously crafted to provide overhead protection from the elements, ensuring a seamless experience for both artists and the audience while maintaining an impressive aesthetic impact.

With its modular design, this versatile system can be effortlessly utilised as a roof to cover an MC, artist, band, or DJ for any event, particularly in cases where larger roof structures are not required or feasible in terms of construction. The AES DJ Bandroof perfectly balances functionality and aesthetics, offering a practical and stylish solution for various event applications.

Performance area 

Floor height - From 1.6m

Clearance - Up to 5m 



Festival stage with roof - 41m x 15m or 39m x 15m

The AES Main Stage is a multi-purpose roof system skillfully engineered to provide a wide array of setup options while maintaining a substantial rigging capacity. This all-in-one stage boasts exceptional versatility, allowing for swift assembly in a matter of days, and it offers a plethora of choices concerning the size of the performance area, PA wings, video support, loading docks, and storage areas.

Among its remarkable features, the AES Main Stage prides itself on its adaptability, permitting seamless adjustments to the performance area sizes, ranging from 15m to an expansive 21m width. Moreover, the stage floor height is adjustable, commencing from 1.5m, and can be elevated to meet specific requirements while boasting a floor load capacity of up to 500kg per square meter. With such flexibility, the AES Main Stage guarantees an unparallelled experience, catering to the diverse needs of any event or production.​


Performance area - 21m x (15m /21m) + fully weatherproof BOH extensions

Floor height - From 1.5m

Clearance - Up to 12.4m 

Roof capacity - Up to 40,000 kgs (equally distributed) 


Stylish bespoke roof, designed to compliment scenic backdrops and architecture reveals.


The Harmony stage roof is a marvel of engineering, featuring multiple spines extending from 5m to 10m out over the performance area, creating an elegant and striking stage setup. Each spine section is expertly supported by robust steel columns, designed to offer unobstructed views of the backdrop, whether it features captivating LED screens, scenic environments, or breathtaking architectural settings.

As shown in the picture, the spines can be set up without vinyl skin covering for added versatility. Alternatively, skins can be easily fitted to provide a weatherproof shelter, protecting artists from the elements. Clear skins can be provided to maintain the visibility of the backdrop, and other colours are available upon request, allowing for seamless customisation and a truly remarkable stage experience for all involved. 


Covered performance area - Up to 24m x 11m + extensions

Floor height - From 1.5m

Clearance - Up to 9m 

Roof capacity - Up to 200 kgs per spine (equally distributed) 


AES Prolyte

AES Prolyte - 8m x 6m Roof

The AES Prolyte stands as a robust and secure temporary stage solution, designed to withstand various weather conditions. This modular truss system offers both strength and safety while remaining highly resistant to the elements.


A remarkable feature of the AES Prolyte is its swift and hassle-free assembly, requiring neither heavy machinery nor a large crew. Its user-friendly design allows for quick setup, making it a flexible choice for any location with adequate space. Whether indoors or outdoors, it delivers a dependable and efficient stage platform, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience for any event or performance.

The AES Prolyte is the ideal outdoor stage for the following:

  • Live Music Concerts & Festivals Private parties

  • Weddings

  • Banquets 

  • Conferences/Seminars

  • Exhibitions

  • Sporting Events

  • Demonstrations 

​Performance area - 8m x 6m 

Floor height - From 0.3m

Clearance - Up to 4.7m 


At AES, we prioritise reliability and efficiency in our outdoor stage rental services. Our experienced team handles the entire setup process, ensuring your stage is installed promptly and seamlessly. We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to event planning, and our dedicated crew works diligently to meet your deadlines and deliver a stage setup that exceeds your expectations. With AES, you can trust that your stage rental will be in safe hands. Most importantly, whether you need marquee hire in Abu Dhabi or outdoor stage rental in Dubai or other Emirates of the UAE and Middle East, we are readily available to serve you.



We take great care in providing our clients with high-quality stage equipment that meets industry standards. Our stages to rent in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Middle East are constructed using premium materials and are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure optimal performance and safety. From the stage platforms to lighting and sound integration, we ensure that every aspect of your stage rental is of the highest quality. Our commitment to quality equipment ensures that your event runs smoothly and your performers and audience have an exceptional experience.


At AES, we understand the importance of branding and thematic cohesion. Our stage rental and marquees Dubai and Middle East services can be fully customised to align with your brand identity or event theme. We offer branding options, such as customised backdrops, signage, and stage wraps, allowing you to showcase your logo, sponsor names, or event graphics. Our team works closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that your stage becomes an integral part of your event's visual identity.



AES is dedicated to providing comprehensive support throughout your event. Our team is available for on-site assistance, technical support, and stage management, ensuring everything runs seamlessly. We collaborate closely with your event team to coordinate logistics, sound and lighting requirements, and any other specific needs. With AES, you can focus on hosting a successful event while we take care of the stage rental details.


When it comes to stage rental services in the UAE and the Middle East, AES is the partner you can rely on. Our commitment to exceptional service, versatile stage options, reliable setup, quality equipment, customisation, and comprehensive support sets us apart. We are passionate about creating unforgettable event experiences and take pride in being a part of your event's success. Trust AES for all your stage rental near me needs, and let us help you create a stage that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of stage rental services in Dubai and Middle East. We understand that each event is unique and requires a tailored approach. Our team of experts works closely with you to assess your requirements, venue specifications, and event goals. By leveraging our expertise and knowledge, we ensure that your stage rental perfectly complements your event vision.


AES offers a wide selection of stage rentals for various event types and sizes. Whether you are organising a corporate conference, music festival, product launch, or private celebration, we have the ideal stage for you. Our inventory includes portable stage rental, outdoor stages, marquee hire Dubai and Middle East, concert stage rental, and more, allowing us to accommodate events of all scales and styles. We take pride in offering versatile stage rental options that can be customised to suit your specific needs.

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