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Create Secure and Controlled Event Spaces with Our Fencing and Barrier Solutions 

ALL Events Services are one of the largest suppliers of temporary fencing in Dubai and throughout the Middle East. We offer the most effective and economical solutions for temporary fencing and barriers. 

With extensive expertise and a comprehensive inventory, we provide reliable solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients, from crowd control barriers to temporary construction fences and more. Partner with us to create safe, efficient, well-organised event environments that leave lasting impressions.



We have over 15,000 running meters of Heras fencing for hire.


We can offer the most effective and economical temporary fencing and barrier solutions. 


​Easily locking together, the heras fencing can be quickly erected on-site to provide a safe and secure temporary fence line for crowd control and perimeter boundaries.


​Fence length - 3.5m

Fence Height - 1.8m


We have more than 3,000 running meters of crowd control barriers for hire.


The AES Pedestrian Barrier is a versatile and effortlessly mobile system crafted to enhance safety and crowd control at large-scale gatherings such as concerts, festivals, and sports events. This innovative barrier system serves multiple purposes, including establishing clear pedestrian pathways, effectively directing crowds around performers or athletes, and strategically restricting access to potentially hazardous areas.


Made out of durable aluminum, our barriers are engineered with simplicity in mind, ensuring swift setup and dismantling—a perfect fit for temporary event needs. Their stackable and compact design further facilitates seamless transportation and storage, maximising user convenience.


Our barriers play a pivotal role in cultivating a secure and well-organised atmosphere for event attendees, performers, and staff. From ensuring the safety of all present to maintaining order within diverse settings, our Pedestrian Barrier is an indispensable tool in managing pedestrian flow.

Barrier length - 2.3m
Barrier height - 1.1m

VB_24-11-18_Sam Smith-15.jpg


The AES Mojo/Bojo Barriers are the most reliable stage barricade system available on the market. Our commitment to safety is unwavering, evident through independent testing that validates our crowd barriers as the utmost secure solution for managing large audiences.


The brilliance of our Mojo/Bojo Barrier design lies in its simplicity. Swift setup is achieved through interlocking sections secured by just a few bolts, streamlining the process. The audience's presence, particularly on the front side's floorplate, effectively stabilises the installed barrier.


We also offer various corner options, including variable and fixed angles, enabling diverse configurations that cater to specific needs like golden circle zones and fan pits.


We also introduce the AES Snake Runner sections within this range, a technical innovation that facilitates cable management. These sections ingeniously accommodate cable feed-through, allowing for the safe passage of multi-cores and power cables. Whether installed, removed, or adjusted, this feature expedites load-outs while preserving safety.


We offer a quality reusable scaffold temporary hoarding system to provide perimeter walls up to 5m high.

The scaffold hoarding is an innovative and durable system ideal for temporary events or construction sites.

Event venues which have multiple boundaries can use the hoarding to provide site security and also look to activate their venue/events, as the hoarding can be used as a giant billboard. Advertising shows, sponsors and signposting for crowd traffic.

Perimeter walls can be built up to 5m high and we can engineer the structure  to incorporate LED screens, ablution units and office cabins. A design that allows venues to "tidy up" and create a clean looking venue. 

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