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No Stage Too Big or Small: Discover AES's Versatile Staging Options

Staging plays a central role in creating memorable and immersive experiences, and when it comes to staging solutions, ALL Events Services - AES, a leading events company based in Dubai, who operate across the Middle East, stand out as a powerhouse, offering an impressive array of versatile stages for events of all sizes.

From the colossal to the compact, AES has a stage to suit every need, ensuring the success of any event.


The AES BFR stage is a testament to grandeur and adaptability. Initially designed for the KISS Goodbye 2020 NYE concert, this colossal stage is one of the most prominent music stages in the Middle East. Boasting a modular system, it can be reconfigured to offer various widths, heights, and heavy rigging capabilities. With a performance area of 42m x 20m and a roof clear span of 42m, the BFR stage stands tall with a roof clearance of up to 25m and a roof capacity of a whopping 70,000 kgs.


For 15 years, the AES 4-Leg Classic has been the go-to choice for world-renowned artists, including the likes of Rolling Stones, Coldplay, and Katy Perry. Its robust, weatherproof design stands 51m wide and 18.5m high, with an impressive performance area of 24.5m x 18.5m + extensions making it a reliable option for large-scale outdoor events. With a floor height from 0.9m, clearance up to 13.1m, and a roof capacity of up to 32,000 kgs, the 4-Leg Classic is a stage that combines durability with versatility.


The Mega Roof Stage from AES stands as an extraordinary marvel in the staging market, and is 47m wide and 21.5m tall. With a distinctive arched roof design, it sets new standards for stage size, roof capacity, and installation flexibility. Renowned among A-List artists like Iron Maiden, its performance area of 26.9m x 21.5m + extensions, floor height from 1.5m, clearance up to 18.6m, and a roof capacity of up to 60,000 kgs make it a pinnacle of engineering excellence.


The AES Club Stage introduces innovation with its scaffold ground support roof. Designed for smaller venues with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 8,000, its scaffold system base eliminates the need for heavy plant machinery during assembly, despite its impressive 41.4m width and 18.5m height. With a performance area of 20m x 10.5m, floor height from 1.5m, clearance up to 12.4m, and a roof capacity of up to 15,000 kgs, the Club Stage is a game-changer in challenging terrains.


The AES TVG-4 presents a dynamic stage system suitable for concerts, festivals, and events catering to audiences of up to 10,000. With various heights, lengths, depths available, and a roof load capacity of up to 8,500 kgs, it ensures a secure and striking setup for any event. Customisable with individual stage elements and additions, the TVG-4 stands as a versatile choice that prioritises safety and compliance.


Unveiled in May 2022, the AES Prism Stage is cutting-edge innovation with a distinctive pyramid shape. Its modular design offers exceptional versatility, enabling multiple height and depth configurations. With a covered performance area of 10m (w) x 6m (d), floor height from 1.5m, and a clearance of 12m at the apex, the Prism Stage promises an unforgettable spectacle for performers and audiences alike.


The AES DJ Bandroof presents a sophisticated and inventive answer to various event needs. With a modular design, it offers an unlimited width of overhead protection for artists and the audience while maintaining an impressive aesthetic impact, and a 6m depth for practicality. Whether covering an MC, artist, band, or DJ, this roof structure, with a floor height of 1.6m and clearance up to 5m, perfectly balances functionality and style.


The AES Main Stage is a multi-purpose roof system engineered for various setup options. With an adjustable performance area, floor height from 1.5m, clearance of up to 12.4m, and a roof capacity of up to 40,000 kgs, it stands as an all-in-one solution for diverse event needs. Its adaptability guarantees an unparalleled experience, catering to the dynamic requirements of any event or production, with an overall impressive size of 41m wide and 15m high.


Featuring multiple spines, the Harmony stage roof creates an elegant and striking stage setup. With a covered performance area of up to 24m x 11m + extensions, floor height from 1.5m, clearance up to 9m, and a roof capacity of up to 200 kgs per spine, it is designed to complement scenic backdrops and architectural reveals, offering a truly remarkable stage experience.

AES Prolyte:

The AES Prolyte is a 8m by 6m, robust and secure temporary stage solution designed to withstand various weather conditions. With a performance area of 8m x 6m, floor height from 0.3m, and clearance up to 4.7m, it offers strength, safety, and quick assembly, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of events.

The versatile staging solutions offered by ALL Events Services ensure no stage is too big or small for an unforgettable event experience. From the colossal BFR stage to the sleek DJ Bandroof, (not to mention a bespoke stage service) each stage is a testament to our commitment to innovation, engineering excellence, and the seamless execution of events.

Get in touch today, to find the perfect fit for your event.


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